Racing Women finish successful N2 season

Racing Women finish successful N2 season

The challenges were tough but our girls were tougher!

March promised not to be easy for our National 2 Women’s team. Not only was the schedule busy with more games than weekends, but most were against direct opponents for the podium. To complicate everything, the team faced successive injuries and forced absences, reducing them to a roster of 5 or 6 players per game!

Against these odds and except for a defeat against the unbeaten Wiltz, the team stayed strong and united, winning game after game, showing their strengths and character each time. It culminated on Sunday 25th against the most dangerous opponent, Kehlen. Reduced to 5 following an injury mid-game, the girls stayed ahead and took an unequivocal victory against a capable and complete opponent.

The girls sealed the 3rd position with 2 more games in April, a win at Larochette and a short loss at Soleuvre, having bowed otherwise only to the first and second teams of the series. This will conclude an excellent season given the circumstances, and shows promise for next year!

Congrats to them !

The players and coaches :

10 Jil Gloden, 11 Aude Le Meudec, 12 Carole Wagner, 14 Charlotte Treinen, 5 Lisa Hilges, 13 Rachel Sclisizzi,

Coach Louis Léonet, 8 Sue Schmit, 9 Ana Pardo Palacios, 4 Alexandra Lennie (ass. coach), 6 Sarah Macri (cap), 15 Vendula Lupinkova,

Anne Wiance, Carole Wagner, Noémie Schockmel

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