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PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Steven Mersch #9

1) What do you believe you brought to (or can bring to) the team?
Positivity & Support

2) Do you have a pregame ritual that you do before every game?
After Saturday morning practice, I always eat a tri di pasta from Bella Napoli (which I recommend)! I relax at home, I play 2K, watch Friends and take a nap!

3) Is there a particular significance to your jersey number?
I always wore 7 but Louis had it before me! Even though number 7 would look better on me, I had to choose an other one. I am wearing 9 because it’s my date of birth!

4) What’s in your gym bag that might surprise people?
A violet-pink hairbrush and a hair dryer of my girlfriend lol
I also have basketball socks, small snacks, dextro energy and scouting reports from previous game!

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