Game schedule

2017/18 Season – Match Program

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per Racing Team / Equipe.    Note : Programs will updated October 27 (for games not scheduled yet)


Men/Hommes A (Total League) : click here

Women/Dames (Nationale 2) : click here

Men/Hommes B (Div. 1 Reserve) : click here

Men/Hommes C (Div. 1 Reserve) : click here

Men/Hommes D (Div. 3 Reserve) : click here

Cadets U18 M (Div. 3) : click here

Scolaires A U16 M (Div. 1) : click here

Scolaires B U16 M (Div. 4) : click here

Filles Scolaires U16 F (Div. 3) : click here

Minis U14 M (Div. 2) : click here

Fillettes U14 F (Div. 3) : click here

Poussins U12 M (tba)

Poussines U12 F (tba)

Pre-Poussins U10 M (tba)

Pre-Poussines U10 F (tba)