Streetball 2016 Rules

1 Sportsmanship

  • Good sportsmanship is expected from participants and spectators at the Streetball.
  • Team captains are responsible to aid in controlling the conduct of teammates, she/he will act as the sole team spokesman at all times.
  • Failure to comply with the sportsmanship standards of the Streetball, with such acts as fighting, taunting, intimidating, excessive arguing, or verbally attacking a player, spectator, or tournament official can lead to the immediate removal of the offending player, team, or spectator from the tournament.

2 Players

  • For the JOIN Men and JOIN Women categories all players aged 16 or older are allowed to play.
  • In the Company category players aged 18 or older are allowed to play.
  • Company teams should be composed only by employees of that company.
  • In the Company category women and men are allowed to play together in one team.
  • A team consists of 3, 4 or 5 players, only 3 players of each team are allowed on the court.
  • Players may appear on only one team for the tournament.
  • In case of injury, player change requests can be accepted or rejected by the tournament direction.
  • Substitutions are allowed in situations when play is stopped (baskets, out-of-bounds, fouls…).
  • Each team will have to collect its team and group number at the latest 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the tournament, thus by presenting the proof of payment and the photo ID of every player.
  • All players have to be registered before the start of the tournament, no other players are eligible to play for that team.

3 Cost

  • The registration fees are:
    75.- Euro per team for JOIN Women & JOIN Men Categories and
    125.- Euro per team for the Company Category
  • All registration fees have to be paid before the start of the tournament on June 11th at 12:00.

4 Equipment

  • Teams are requested to wear the same color shirts or jerseys.
  • No player shall be allowed to wear a guard, cast, hard brace, or other potentially dangerous piece of equipment on his/her elbow, hand, wrist, finger, or forearm, including equipment made of hard leather, plastic, plaster, or metal, even if the equipment is covered with soft padding. Soft braces, sleeves, and wraps will be allowed unless they pose a danger to other players.
  • Streetball tournament officials retain the right to disallow any equipment or apparel that they deem to be dangerous or inappropriate.

5 Score

  • Scores will be kept by the court supervisor.
  • A basket is worth one (1) point, a successful basket behind the two-point arc is worth two (2) points. A player must have both feet behind the line to be considered a made shot to be counted as 2 points. The supervisor is responsible for validating 2 point-baskets.
  • After the end of the game, the winning team captain is responsible for bringing the score-sheet to the tournament office.
  • Tied final scores are possible in the Group Round and the Playoff Round, during ¼ Finals , ½ Finals, and Finals games will be continued until the next scored basket (sudden death).

6 Ball Possession

  • At the start of each game, a coin will be tossed to determine which team gets the opening possession.
  • The ball is exchanged after every made basket. There will be no “make-it-take-it” rule.
  • The ball must be thrown in from out-of-bounds at the top of the court. The ball must be “checked” by the opposing team before it is in-bounded.
  • The ball must be “taken back” on each exchange of possession regardless of whether a shot was attempted. “Taking it back” means bringing your whole body, both feet and the ball behind the two-point arc. In case of failure to properly “take-it-back” a scored basket cannot count.
  • A ball out of bounds will be taken out from the back court line.
  • The top, bottom and side of the backboard are all considered in play, however, the back of the backboard and the structure are considered out of bounds.

7 Fouls

  • Players are requested to call their fouls themselves, « Defense calls the Foul ».
  • In case of disagreement supervisors can make decisions.
  • Players who repeatedly commit fouls of violent or aggressive nature, or commit an act which displays unacceptable conduct may be disqualified by supervisors. The tournament direction may also disqualify a player for the remainder of the tournament in case of misbehavior.
  • No free throws are awarded, fouled teams will regain possession.

8 Game Time

  • All Games are played in one period of 8 Minutes. Playing time will be kept by the tournament direction or the court supervisor. If the scores reaches a gap of more than 16 points (for example 17-0, 23-6…) the game will be ended instantly.
  • No time outs will be awarded.

9 Tournament direction

  • Streetball officials have the power to make decisions on any points not specifically covered in these Tournament Rules, and also have the complete authorization to interpret the intent and purpose of these rules.

10 Classification rules

  • Teams are awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie, 1 point for a loss, 0 for a no-show (forfeit).
  • In case of a classification tie, the result of the game the tied teams played against each other will determine the position. In case more tie-breakers are needed, the point differential will be the next criteria, followed by the higher amount of points scored. If no criteria can bring a tie-breaker, a coin will be flipped in presence of team captains.