Women 2016-2017

A perfect season: congrats and thank you ladies 

Our ladies won them all. During the qualifying round and the playoffs. Thus they return to the 2nd League in 2017/2018. With an offense making 1459 p. and a defense allowing only 845 p. They also win brilliantly the FLBB Cup. At the LaLux ladies only the best Luxembourg woman team can stop our queens at the 1/4 final. Congratulations to the players and the coaches.

 Alex LENNIE, steady, directing the team with routine and British fighting spirit. She is also the coach of our fillettes.

Ana PARDO PALACIOS, point guard, a good shooter, adding speed and enthusiasm to the game

 Sarah MACRI, she is the boss and good in everything. Happy to have her on our side.

Lisa HILGES, there is no doubt about her big added value for our squad. Good she is with us.

Anne WAGNER, great comeback after knee problems: her routine and knowledge of the game made us better.

Jil GLODEN, she progressed well this rookie season at Racing’s and there is more to come.

Noémie SCHOCKMEL, her first year at Racings proved that it was a good decision to join us for both sides.

Carole WAGNER, keeps the overview even though she is acting above the clouds. Great season.

Rachel SCILISIZZI, until her injury she showed that she is a smart point guard lecturing well the game. We all hope she will help he teammates soon again.

 Charlotte TREIBEN, good a surprise, nobody expected her to come but she did and we all enjoyed.

Laura Lucas, injuries, injuries, injuries but she this notwithstanding she belongs to the team for the love of the game and the team

Coach: John Gerard

 Assistant coach: Zanda Lace