Refuel for RACING!

RACING starts new partnership with SOCALIS

Together with the SHELL branch SOCALIS, Racing has starded a new parntership! The goal is to encourage the club members and supporters to refuel their car at the SHELL Stations in Merl, Gasperich and Hollerich. Upon presentation of the SHELL card, which every club member will receive by post during next week, Racing benefits from it: for each refill, 1 cent per liter will be donated to our association.

Hor does it work?
After refueling at the SHELL stations Merl, Gasperich or Hollerich, please present your card to the cashier after making your payment. Be clear that you would like to refuel for Basket Racing. The cashier will then put your bill in a pocket for Racing and at the end of each month, the total amount of fuel from Racing supporters (1ct/l) will be transfered to the bank account of our association.

For all Racing supporters who are not active members yet and didn’t receive a SHELL card yet, don’t hesitate to ask for the SHELL card during the upcoming home games at Tramsschapp!

Thanks for your support!



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