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PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Xavier Engel #8

1) What do you believe you brought to (or can bring to) the team?
Being in the league for a couple of years now and having played with great talents over the years, I can bring some experience to the team and some help in different situations that some players might not expected at some point of the game.
With that I want to bring a positive attitude at every moment, practice and game, since we play because we love to play the game. It doesn’t help to blame someone for a mistake that he probably knows it was wrong.

2) Do you have a pregame ritual that you do before every game?
In fact not really. I try not to waste too much energy over the day to go full out in the game, but otherwise I just relax at home, might go for a little round in a shopping center not to sit around all day that’s it. Nothing fancy here.

3) Is there a particular significance to your jersey number?
I took number 8 from Steve Klose back then at Sparta when he stopped playing at senior level. I always thought he was one of the best shooters in the league, so when that number got free, I wanted to get it. I wanted to become a sniper like him. Over the years, it turned out to be my lucky number.

4) What’s in your gym bag that might surprise people?
Good question probably for some guys on the team but for me the usual suspects. Basketball stuff, shampoo, jump rope, scouting reports and maybe a snack. No surprise here.

©Antonello Di Pinto

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