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Player registration for 23/24 season

May 25, 2023

  • In 2023/24, we will offer trainings for players born in 2018 or before. There will be no exceptions for younger players.
  • Most of our team rosters are full due to limited availability of gym slots and coaches, however aspiring players can be put on waiting lists.
  • Players already registered in 2022/23 are automatically registered for 2023/24 under the condition that the 2022/23 player’s fee has been paid and all conditions have been met.
  • Usually potential new players are invited for a tryout before acceptation when spots open on the concerned team.
  • For all information request please contact :
  • Do NOT contact gym personnel, they have no information about the club
  • Do NOT expect to participate in team practice without confirmation from club administration


Procedure for 2023/24 registration :


1. All potential new members/players will have to address a registration request (DemandeInscription2324) to the club.


2. All requests will be examined case by case, players will be informed if there is an open spot on the team. If not, we will offer registration on a waiting list.


 3. Players can join team practices as soon as registration procedures have been carried out and confirmed by the club. 




Criteria for acceptance after registration request can be :

  • Talent and/or experience level in Basketball
  • Motivation and attitude shown at a tryout
  • Residence in the City of Luxembourg
  • Setting Basketball as a priority in free time activities, regular presence at all practices – mandatory
  • Acceptance of the Racing Charter (see below) – mandatory
  • Parent support to the club – mandatory

Decisions will be made by the club’s (youth) coaching board and communicated to parents or the player. The club can propose for players not immediately accepted due to missing spots to be registered on a waiting list.

!!! Please read : RacingCharter2324

  • All youth players have to do the license procedures for insurance reasons
  • All Ballschool players under 7 have to provide a medical certificate of aptitude before coming to practice
  • All adult players willing to play in games have to do the license procedures
  • All adult/veteran players who only play in practices have to register and should take a medical examination

Please read :  (English / French)

  • No player will be allowed to participate in a practice or a tryout without having received a registration confirmation.
  • Due to frequent abuse in the past, all newly registered players will have to pay the annual fee and registration costs before participating in any practice

Mandatory procedures to be accepted and remain on our teams are :

  • Provide a fully filled out registration form and signed declaration of consent
  • Provide a national social security or national identification number
  • Provide a copy of an identity document
  • Do a medical check in a Ministry of Sports medical centre (for players born in 2016 or before)
  • Provide a fully filled out licence request form
  • Pay the applicable membership fee on time.
  • Regular presence at all practices

Registration request form – Demande d’inscription (Word document) :  DemandeInscription2324

to be sent to / à envoyer à :